SliTaz RPi

SliTaz Raspberry Pi distro tools and files

SliTaz Raspberry Pi Config Tool with cmdline support and user friendly ncurses 
interface. Simply run the tool to get the menu or give TazBerry a function in 
argument to execute it. Tazberry cmdline output is formatted to be used in GUI
tools such as CGI scripts or GTK boxes:

$ tazberry ls-functions

Sat RPi build tool quickstart
The Raspberry Pi has a lot of specifications. SliTaz ARM provides 'sat-rpi' to build
custom SliTaz Rpi distro images ready to boot. A SliTaz RPi prebuilt Linux kernel
package is hosted on the SliTaz mirror. To get the latest version and unpack it:

# sat-rpi get-linux

The 'gen' command will generate a new SliTaz Raspberry Pi distro using 'sat'.
It will also install needed firmware and boot configuration files from the 
directory: flavors/rpi*/rootfs. Don't forget to sync your local packages 
mirror before generating the distro to get the latest versions and fixes:

# sat-rpi gen

Then you can install the distro on the sdcard. It is recommended to use
3 partitions: one for /boot formatted in FAT32, second for the swap memory
and third for the root filesystem. You can you use gparted or 'fdisk' to create
the needed partitions. Main advantages are: more memory for the RPi and 
better security with file permissions. When ready and you know your disk
path (sat-rpi ls-dev) you can install SliTaz RPi with:

# sat-rpi install

Sat RPi commands and options
To get the list of commands and options with a short help simply run:

$ sat-rpi help

To enable overclocking you must use tazberry directly on your Raspberry Pi.

SliTaz RPi Kernel
To build the SliTaz RPi Linux Kernel, Sat RPi uses a SliTaz prebuilt ARM cross 
toolchain and a small patch to modify the kernel configuration. You can browse
the RPi SliTaz Mirror for preview versions or get the latest toolchain with sat-rpi
and build the kernel:

# sat-rpi get-prebuilt
# sat-rpi cook-linux