SliTaz ARM

SliTaz ARM tools and files

Build tools installation
To install 'sat' and 'sat-rpi' you need to have make installed or copy the 2
files to /usr/bin:

# make install

Sat quickstart
Sat is a tool in the spirit of all SliTaz tools, all commands and options are
accessible via: sat usage or help. To create a distro you first need to have
some ARM packages. You can use custom cook or the one from the SliTaz mirror.
Put all your custom *.tazpkgs in the packages/ directory and sat will install
them. To use the official packages you need to sync the mirror with:

# sat mirror

Generate the distro initramfs with your custom --options:

# sat gen --flavor=base --kmap

To boot the distro with Qemu you can run:

# sat emu

ARM packages mirror
Sat lets you clone the ARM cooking mirror to let you debug and try official ARM
packages. Sat will create a mirror directory in the working path and download 
all lists and packages. After a first clone it will only check the repo ID 
file and download any modified or new packages.

Custom SliTaz system files: rootfs/
Custom SliTaz ARM scripts and files used to generate a distro. These files
and any other system files can be erased or added via the flavors support. The
rootfs files can also be directly modified before generating a new distro.

The rootfs/ files are all packaged into: slitaz-configs-*.tazpkg

CGI Admin web interface: cgi-adm/ 
Very small and fast CGI SHell admin/info web interface for ARM devices with
plugins support. The goal is not to rewrite TazPanel but to have a light CGI
toolkit to code specific ARM devices plugins such as boot configs for the
Raspberry Pi. In the plugins directory you will find a skeleton to start
your custom plugin. You can also create general purpose or hardware specific

The root directory is: /var/www/adm and the default web server is Busybox HTTPd.
So just start the web server and connect to the IP address of your machine:

# startd httpd

URL form: http://192.rpi.ip/adm/

On SliTaz i486 you can also use Busybox HTTPd and install the cgi-adm files
under /var/www and code directly then copy or upload your plugin to your ARM 

# make install-cgi

Please report bugs on the SliTaz Bug Tracker:

While I was porting SliTaz to ARM I ended up by creating a lot of initramfs' 
to test the SliTaz boot, packages and so on. So I first wrote a small script,
then improved it by just having to put include packages in a single directory
and all custom files in a rootfs directory. I also wanted virtual disk support
so I can code under Qemu and save my work. This is how sat was born, one day
we may use TazLito or have a new SliTaz Live tool, but for the time being 'sat'
and the way it works fits all my needs to build custom distros and then boot
with qemu-system-arm.

- Pankso 24 May 2012