cross [command|package] package

	Cross is a tool to build a cross toolchain on SliTaz GNU/Linux. The
	ARM platform is actually supported and a x86_64 toolchain is on the

	Run: cross usage

	--log      clean: Will also clean log files
	--config=  Use specified configuration file

	When building a cross toolchain it's better to understand what is a
	linker or C compiler such as GCC. The configure option --target is
	used by 'cross' to build cross-tools. When the toolchain is built on
	your machine you can then build packages with cook and the wok. Cross
	uses by default the same source tarballs as cook but the path can be
	changed via the config file. Configuration is: cross.conf. Here is a
	cmdline howto:

	Create a chroot (use last tazdev)
	# tazdev gen-chroot --arch=arm
	# tazdev chroot --arch=arm

	Clone cookutils to get last cook and cross
	# tazpkg -gi mercurial
	# tazpkg -gi make
	# cd && hg clone
	# cd cookutils
	# make install-cross

	Setup the build environment, get source and compile a cross toolchain
	# cross setup
	# cross download
	# cross compile

	Test the cross toolchain
	# cross testsuite

	Written by Christophe Lincoln